The Executive Committee (EC) consists of a maximum of ten members who are elected by the General Assembly.

Upon the decisions made at the General Assembly of the Association held in Bern on February 26th, 2020, the current EC consists of:

  • President: Rudolf Blankart (Bern)
  • Vice-president: Bea Heim (former member of the National Council, Starrkirch-Wil)
  • Secretary: Jean-Claude Piffaretti (Massagno)
  • Treasurer: Stephen Leib (Bern)
  • Member: Marc Creus (Zürich)
  • Member: Giacomo di Nepi (Feusisberg)
  • Member: Stephan Felder (Basel)
  • Member: Stefan Mühlebach (Basel, Bern)
  • Member: Markus Seeger (Zürich)
  • Member: Mark Jones (Basel)