The Round Table Antibiotics is a Swiss non-profit interdisciplinary association gathering experts from medicine, research and economics of almost all Swiss universities, as well as committed personalities from industry or elsewhere.

The aim of the Association “Round Table Antibiotics”  is to drive Switzerland’s contribution to innovation, research, and  development of measures against antimicrobial resistance. In particular,  the Association works to promote the market introduction of new active  substances, which should be available to all countries worldwide .

Update: August 29, 2020


August 2020: BEAM Alliance and global partners call for urgent action on new reimbursement models for life-saving antibiotics (the call)

July 2020: The pharmaceutical industry is stepping up with nearly US$1 billion to bridge the gap and respond to the AMR threat. The Fund aims to bring 2-4 new antibiotics to market this decade that will save patient lives. The AMR Action Fund will bridge innovative candidates in the pipeline through the most challenging later stages of drug development, ultimately providing governments time to make the necessary policy reforms to enable a sustainable antibiotic pipeline (AMR Action Fund)